Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Anxiously awaiting Friday...

My body is telling me it is time for my next treatment. It took 2 hours to get out of bed this morning. Do you have any idea how insanely irritating it is to start your day off not being able to lift your arm to turn off the alarm, knowing you have to get up to work, no one is in the house, and you have to pee? I wish I could say today was the only day but sadly, no this has become at least a once a week occurance.

I did get on the computer by 8:30 and kept my sheets dry so that was a major feat in and of itself - Ha! You gotta laugh at yourself right?

So update on the exercise bike...I got a hesitant, tentative okay. I had to promise to only do the lightest setting for 5 minutes every other day the first week, then bump it up by 5 minutes and follow the same routine the next week etc... If I felt, weak, dizzy, or anything else I am to stop and start back at a lower setting/shorter duration or just not do it that day.

On Monday I did my 5 minutes, I cheated and did it again in the evening and think I kicked major toxins that were locked in my muscles into the blood stream because the headache I experienced was of monumental proportions. Thank you Lord for making the maker of Imitrex!

In fun news, Pat is working on a video game project for his digital design class and had John and Cindy help him. I put a couple pics up for your viewing enjoyment...

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  1. Hey, when it's laugh or cry, it's better to laugh, right??? RIght?? : ) I'm so with ya girl. Thanks for the lung exercises...I will definitely be trying them! The Advair is working miracles already...thank God for the maker of that too!!