Monday, October 18, 2010

The flu and MG...yuck!

Well, the flu bug descended upon our home two weeks ago. Let me tell you, caring for two sick kids, and catching the bug, and having MG is not a good combo. It started with my 10 year old son, he has asthma and always catches something nasty in the fall. I quarantined him to his room and busted out the bleach wipes, things were going well for the first few days and then my 4 year old caught it. She can't resist touching everything so inevitably I came down with it as well. Everyone was given antibiotics and I managed to pretty much keep it out of my lungs but it took me down pretty hard. I am happy to report that everyone is feeling much better this week though.

On the sewing front, I have successfully made two pillows, one for my son and one for my daughter. The machine is in need of repair so my next project is on hold until we can figure out why the zig-zag function isn't working, once that is squared away I will make a mommy and daughter matching apron, fun, fun!

I also started my physical therapy. I know it will work well, but yeowch! I am trying to build up my muscles that have atrophied and strengthen the supporting muscles in my spine that cause me daily pain. I will report more on my progress in the next post.

I hope you are all well, autumn is upon us, the leaves are beautiful (as long as they remain on the trees:)). Until next time...

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Report on the Port

Hi all my faithful readers and new friends! I hope today finds you well. I am trying to soak up every last bit of sun before it is gone. I love this weather!!! High 60's to low 70's, the brightest/bluest sky imaginable, bright white puffy clouds...ahhhh. Not too hot, not too cold, and the perfect dose of natural vitamin D.

I wanted to report on the port for those of you considering getting one. Mine has healed up nicely. The treatments are now about an hour shorter because the meds run smooth and steady and there is only one poke. It is perfect and I love it. I always thought ports went out of the skin but I was wrong, it is completely under the skin so no maintenence on my end either...sweet!!!

In other news, I have a confession to make. I cannot sew! I know, what kind of mother am I? I have, however had a sewing machine in my possesion for the last 3 years, it is the old Kenmore type that is built into a table, so I have been using it as a table and the dust on the machine is crazy! But, my IVIG nurse said, hey we are together for 6 hours anyway, want to learn to sew...would I? Yeay!!! I now have a new hobby, and homework:)

That is about it for an update, I hope you all find yourselves well and happy and strong!