Tuesday, January 19, 2010

My New Normal...

Well, I never thought I would be one to blog but life has changed a bit for me this past year. I went from being a very active wife, mother of two, and full time employee to the sufferer of an incurable neuromuscular disorder that took six months to diagnose. My husband has had to carry me to bed, take over the duties I identified with for 10 years of our marriage, and add caregiver to his many titles. I am not here to complain, judge, or recommend treatment to others; I am here to share my story candidly and truthfully as I am the only one to have walked in my shoes. I hope this helps others not feel so alone but I warn you not to compare yourself to me for two reasons. First, Myasthenia is an orphan disease. Second, it is called the "Snowflake Disease" because no two patients follow the same disease course. With that said, there are things you may identify with or things I have learned through hours of self study that I may help with and I am happy to assist in any way, shape, or form. I just hopped on this rollercoaster and through my trials and tribulations I hope to be the strongest me I can be.

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