Monday, January 25, 2010

Back in the saddle....and I didn't fall off!

Well, I just returned home from my first day back at the office. I would be lying if I said it didn't tire me but all in all, I am feeling quite well. I am taking this week to sort through emails and files so I can give my all when I start taking requests next week. I am working at my parent company this week and I am eager to get back to my office. I seemed to tolerate a few hours okay this morning though by the time I left, I was seeing double.

I have a few major meetings this week. Why is it at the tail end of any kind of drama in life, a few more hurdles are placed just before crossing the finish line? I have seen this time and time again, just as I am feeling better and ready to go back, I have to put out a few fires that developed in my absence. I am confident that things will go well but I am a little nervous about it.

As far as the myasthenia is concerned, I am feeling 200% better than I did last week. I am feeling my symptoms flare when I exert myself but rest allows for a quick recovery, as opposed to the downward spiral it was throwing me into. I am hoping the benefits of the IVIG will last through to the next treatment date because the way things are going, I am going to have to give 150% and the nature of this beast usually allows for 50% if I'm lucky. Here is to a positive, productive week.


  1. Hey Jen!
    So glad you were able to get back to work. Hey, do you go to Ann Arbor for IVIG? You look familiar; about a month ago there was a young lady that looked kind of like you in the pheresis lab the same time as me, and Dr. Teener came wierd would that be!

  2. Hi Kerri,

    I just go to Ann Arbor for my appointments with Dr. Teener. I have my IVIG in home. That would be a strange coincidence. I'll look for my twin when I go for follow up in March though:)