Friday, January 22, 2010

DDoouubbllee VViissiioonn

This morning's post will be short for two reasons; I had to take a full dose of benedryl and the MG has reared it's head with a vengance so my arms are fatiguing out and I have double vision. I think I will cover that aspect of the illness today as 90% of myasthenics will suffer occular symptoms. For me, it starts so subtlely that I don't notice it until I start to bump into things and knock things over. When it first comes on, it only affects my depth perception. As it progresses it gets to the point that I truly see double.

The best description I can give is to compare it to what I used to do with my eyes on purpose in the early 90's when those 3D posters were all the rage at the mall kiosks. Do you remember these? They were really tacky in the art sense but fun to look at. Well, now my eyes do that when I don't want them too. I remember the first time I was able to see the 3D dolphins how I had to relax my eyes, I guess this makes sense in MG because those eye muscles aren't getting the normal message they receive.

I'm getting drowsier by the minute and my nurse should be here soon. Pat is staying home with me in case I need anything and my grandma is bringing lunch. I'm nervous and excited. I think this will work great but I am receiving triple the amount I had infused in the hospital so it will be a little different. Pray for me! I'll post when I have an update and can see what I type.

Ta Ta for now,

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  1. Hey Jen,
    Glad to hear the IVIG went well! I had it ONCE, years ago...3 or 4 days in a row...I got SO sick...migraine so bad I was throwing up, fever, feltlike I got hit by a train. And the bummer was it did NOTHING! Ug.
    One thing that helps me with the strain of the double vision is an eye patch. Not very attractive, but it helps with the strain. Otherwise I walk around looking like I'm winking at everyone! The depth perception thing is miserable though!!