Monday, June 14, 2010

Radio Interviews, IVIG, Gardening, Naps, Oh MY...

So I didn't' post as promised. The interview, while fun as all get out, was also quite a bit of an energy sucker...note to self, don't schedule radio interviews 2 days pre-IVIG... Anywho, I made it through the interview and it will now air on Wednesday June 23rd at 10AM on WPRR. The best way to listen is to download it for free on iTunes under The Johnnie Tuitel Show. It will be available a couple of days after the air date. We discussed Myasthenia (by the end of the interview both Johnnie and Angie Kay could pronounce it), we discussed "invisible disibilities", and we discussed funny topics, it should be a great show.

IVIG - Went so well that I think I was only awake for about 30 minutes of it. On the flip side, I am still quite tired and my nose is stuffed so I may be catching a bug. I just have absolutely no oomph, no get up and go, and my eyes are having less and less normal periods which is really having an effect on driving.

Gardening - Okay so I have a self proclamed "black thumb" however, this year, I have been able to keep 2 house plants alive for more than a week (actually going on 6 months), and my flowers outside not only look good but are growing at an exponential rate. I finally figured out how to dead head. So, I may not be a complete and total tool when it comes to gardening...woo hoo.

Naps - need 'em, love 'em, gotta have 'em. It is a necessary evil when you are weak and tired 24/7. I never, NEVER used to nap, now I am napping almost daily. Okay, Update-complete.
Out - Jen

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