Thursday, June 17, 2010

I went to my office today...yeay!!

I wish I could say it was to work but at least I got to see the many faces that were a part of every weekday for so long. I was there about an hour to get some things that I have needed to make it easier to work from home. Everyone was so great. I am plum tuckered out tonight though. Our building is HUGE, I mean take four Wal Marts and stick them together huge and my office i smack dab in the middle so my legs are not working so great but my heart is happy.

I really miss being there so much. I am blessed to be able to work from home but it is such a great company, my co workers are like family and I miss them. Thank goodness I brought the walker or I would probably be in the hospital again but it was so worth it.

All things considered I am doing quite well today. I think the IVIG had a delayed reaction this go around so the breathing difficulty I had at the beginning of the week has subsided and the fatigue has calmed down.

On the kid front, John finally met some neighbor kids and is having a blast. I am hearing "I'm bored" way less. On the negative side, there are strange children in and out of my house and boys like to eat so the pantry runneth bare. Thank goodness I get paid tomorrow:)

Over and out.

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  1. LOL!! Great post....I remember going to visit my office after I got out of the hospital... Bittersweet.

    LOVE the new look!!