Monday, June 7, 2010

Things don't always go as planned...

Well, I was very excited going into the weekend as it was my 11th wedding anniversary on Saturday. We arranged for my sister to take the kids overnight, we have not had the house to ourselves in 4 years! And I figured it couldn't be worse than our 10 year because that was the day I was admitted to the hospital with stroke like symptoms and this MG rollercoaster began.

Anyway, I digress, instead of a quiet, romantic weekend. My sister's kids were sick and our family got a stomach bug. So, I think we will try again next weekend...wish us luck.

On the MG news - I am pretty weak today, I think it is fallout from getting sick. Though the heat wave has seemed to have passed and that is helping with the breathing difficulties. I am looking forward to my treatment this weekend and hopefully some alone time with the hubby.

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