Friday, December 2, 2011

Up, Down, Round, and Round

So the rollercoaster continues. This week certainly had it's shares of ups and downs. I thought I was headed for a full blown crisis on Tuesday. Thankfully the respiratory therapist and my doctor agreed that changing my breathing machine would help and I avoided another lengthy hospital stay.

I have had quite a bit more pain as well, that seems to happen each time I experience a flare. By the end of the day my wrists just ache and shake from typing all day. My neck hurts and is too hard to lift. Walking...out of the question most of the evening, my feet just drag. I can handle all that as rotten as it sounds but the breathing and swallowing issues have to go!

I am having a hard time swallowing the pills that make me strong enough to swallow pills, how ironic is that? I feel like there is a pile of bricks on my chest. I just want to breathe.

Where are the ups? Oh yes, I had a wonderful week with my new found family of flakes, much laughter. Even through the ups and downs of this wretched disease, I have a caring and understanding employer who allows me to rest and regain my strength. I continue to be overwhelmed daily by the donations...thank you so much! I am truly blessed..Peace and Happiness to you and yours this 1st December weekend - Jen

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