Tuesday, December 27, 2011

My dirty little secret, exposed..

Oh the humanity!

While it is no secret that I have Myasthenia Gravis (due to the blogs, vlogs, being on the board, etc...) I don't like people to see me symptomatic. In part because I don't like having to explain over and over again, and in part because I do not want those nearest and dearest to me to see how much I truly endure. If I time it right, they just think I have a neuromuscular illness they can't pronounce that sometimes makes my eyes and mouth look funny and at times makes my foot drag.

Well here are the last two weeks in a nutshell...it was "get over yourself Jen" bootcamp. 1.5 weeks ago, went shopping with Pat and fell out of the electric shopping cart, yes I fell out of the cart while reaching for benedryl (my IVIG premed). I was mortified, I am really much weaker than I thought.

This past weekend we had my brother and sister in law stay with us for Christmas. All went well with me going to sleep before the symptoms hit full force until the last night. I got so bad I was choking on my saliva, couldn't walk straight, and Pat went to bed before me so they had to help me get to bed and saw the dreaded bi-pap that I hide.

I almost ended up at the hospital again as I stopped breathing multiple times but pat was able to wake me enough to prompt the machine to breathe for me. So now what? I don't know, working today, seems foolish but we need the income. For those of you who pray, I could use some.

Love, health, and happiness to you and yours as we approach this new year!


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