Saturday, May 8, 2010

Up and down week...

Well, the last post I was feeling so good. I like those days/hours/minutes. Yesterday was not one of those days. My eyes were just awful. I posted a video on my youtube channel because it was so severe. I could see out of one little slit on my right eye. Fine if you can rest, bad if you have 5 hours of work left. I made it though. And I took it easy last night. After 11.5 hours of sleep I am feeling pretty perky this morning. One cup 'o joe and a mestinon down and I am ready to take on the world:) Though I will not take on the world or the world will take me down.

Today I will cuddle with my cutie pie, watch shows, eat nutritious meals and just relax. Maybe a lavender bath...ahhh, I'm celebrating Mother's Day one day early. Happy Mommies Day to all the fellow Moms out there.

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