Sunday, May 23, 2010

A little dose of silence is bliss..

Ahhh, for the past two hours my house has been, knock on wood...silent! I love my family very, very much but this week you would think I lived at the zoo. John, my 10 year old showing off his newest wrestling move. Cindy, my four year old just running, jumping and singing for the fun of it. And Pat, my 41 year old, creating new songs on his ya honey.

Anywho - currently, John has been whisked off by my in-laws and Cindy and Pat are napping. No TV, no radio, lights off, drapes open, air conditioning on...Bliss! I know if this went on too long I would desperately want the chaos back but these little peaceful breaks give me time to rest and reflect on what I am so grateful for.

This week brings another IVIG treatment, a long holiday weekend off work, Field day at school, and whatever else life decides to throw our way. But for now, I can ignore my responsibilities and bask in life...what's that I hear "MOMMY" Gotta go - Cindy just woke up, literally! Instead of knocking on wood, I should have prayed, that put me in my place!

Have a Blessed week everyone!

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  1. Hey girlie!
    Oh, how I love those moments of silence! My mom had 5 kids (I'm the baby) and once in a while I would find her just sitting in the silence of the living room.... No lights, sound, anything. I was like, doesn't that drive you crazy?? She was like, NO!!
    NOW I understand!

    Oh, I wanted to thank you for your sweet email about not blogging about MG much on AC. That is SO cool of you...I surely do appreciate it. You are a very gracious young lady!!

    Someday we MUST meet, you know...we only live 45 mintues from each other!
    Have a wonderful, healthy week!!