Friday, March 5, 2010

I have been slacking...

Sorry I haven't posted in awhile. It has been quite the week. I had my four hour drive across Michigan on Tuesday. Thankfully the roads were clear and it was sunny, I am also thankful that the patient before me was late and I was early so Dr. Teener spent twice the amount of time he usually does with me. I was wiped out on Wednesday and on Thursday had my IVIG with 250mg of Solumedrol. Which is liquid Methylprednisolone. Dr. Teener didn't want to increase my daily pred dose but wasn't thinking I'm quite where I should be ideally (a.k.a. the "normal" that is posted in the neurology textbooks). We have also added to my pharmaceutical cocktail the drug Imuran. Imuran is an anti-rejection drug given to organ transplant recipients and many sufferers of auto-immune disorders. I started that Wednesday night and had some indigestion - common side effect but man oh man - Thursday morning was brutal...

I woke up and could only open my left eye slightly, I went to stand up and fell, I climbed up onto my walker seat and shuffle stepped it to my daughter's room where I was too weak to open her bedroom door. I ended up in a pathetic looking ball until my Mestinon kicked in and nurse wonderful arrived with the IVIG. I am happy to say I feel like a new woman today so hopefully things will continue to progress. The Imuran takes 6-12 months to work in which time (if it works) we will phase out the Solumedrol and hopefully the IVIG....Happy weekend everyone!

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  1. I'm glad IVIG works well for you, AND the Mestinon. All Mestinon did to me was make me have to go potty. Like every 10-15 minutes. It acted like a diuretic! Driving to Ann Arbor was MISERABLE...we had to stop like 5 times! Ug!

    I've never been on Imuran, but I take CellCept; same concept. Mine took about 4 months to kick in 100%, and then it was like BAM! I felt awesome. Hope you keep feeing great!!