Sunday, February 28, 2010

29 Gifts - I have taken the challange

And invite you to do the same. About a month ago, I was reading a magazine article about a woman close to my age who was diagnosed with MS one month after her wedding. After a downward spiral of negativity, she spoke with a close friend and alternative healer who encouraged her to give away 29 things in 29 days and how it changed her life for the better. I thought it sounded like a good book to check out, unfortunately since I haven't been driving (let alone shopping), I did not make it out to get the book. In truth, I forgot about it altogether.

About a week ago, my Grandmother, who is always thinking about other people, saw an interview with the authot, Cami Walker, on television. She ordered 2 copies immediately, one for me and one for her dear friend Kay who is suffering from chronic pain. I received my copy in the mail on Friday and I devoured it. I decided to take the challenge and signed up online Friday evening. I started my 29 days of giving yesterday and had one of the best days at home that I have had all year.

I encourage you to check it out as well at and the first person who shows interest or a need I will give my copy to. I think things happen for a reason and this new way of living will heal me, not cure, but heal. I had a wonderful day yesterday. My gift was to push myself a little bit further and give my family a normal day like we had before I was sick. I did not sit in the recliner all day. I gave my husband time off by doing the dishes (this was a 4 hours project but I did them:), I did the laundry (1/2 of it), gave Cindy a bath, Pat got to take a nap, John had friends over, Cindy and I read books and played games and I just ate it all up. The peace and joy that was in the house, the calm, the absence of worry is priceless. It is truly easier to give from a place of love and purpose and it changes your perspective.

I did pay for it today a bit. I had to sleep a little longer and my right eye is weak but that's pancakes for what I received in return. Happiness and calm in those whom I love more than anyone else on this planet.

i dare you to take this challenge and let me know how it works in your life.

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