Monday, February 1, 2010

Not outta the woods yet...

Well, I guess one week to life changing results is too good to hope for in any circumstance. Yesterday I found my eyes falling, double vision returning, fatigue so bad I would spontaneously fall asleep, and the walking into walls. I really didn't want to pull the walker out again but it is better than breaking a bone! Uggg....I am trying to stay optimistic and look at the positives though so I will list them...
1. The IVIG made me feel better than I have in a year and I am getting it again on Friday
2. I was able to have a party for my son's Birthday, if asked a month ago I would have said no way, but I did it and the kids had fun.
3. Working from home is affording me the luxury of being able to work through my difficult times rather than have to call in, praise The Lord that the double vision doesn't come on until after hours.
4. My husband is much less stressed now that he has seen me have good days, I think we had lost hope.
5. The doctor said the further into treatment I get, the less bad days I should have.

Sooo, while I am entirely bummed that my illness didn't magically disappear, I am hopeful that things continue moving in the right direction. I actually managed a 6 hour work day from home today, which was great. Though last week I was getting up at 6:30am no problemo and today almost didn't have my computer on and phone forwarded by 8:30am. Another thing to be thankful for - My husband kicking me in the pants and helping me out of bed:)

Here's to a strong and healthy week!

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