Monday, April 9, 2012

Reality Check

Today I blog with a heavy heart. Two dear friends and fellow myasthenics passed away in the last week. It just hits home how serious this illness is. My dear friend Steven who rallied around all newly diagnosed patients to give them the nitty gritty no holds barred what to expect version of this illness and Julie, always ready with a laugh or a joke. She, like me, continued to live and work with this illness beyond what some would consider common sense. She just worked on Friday.

This is not an illness that slowly eats away and and then the doctors say, get your things in order, say goodbye. Yes, we know we are ill everyday but we also know people who go into remission, people who have MG in their 80's even 90's and we hold onto that.

I pray for that for all of my friends with this disease but this week reminded me what an infection, a swallow down the wrong tube, or a new medication can do to us. Steven and Julie lived life to the fullest with this disease and I dearly miss them both. I know they are free of the burden of this illness but Myasthenia robbed both of them of a goodbye.

Goodbye my friends ~ See you on the other side

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  1. Love ya Jen. I've been just kinda numb today. It's too much to process.