Monday, April 18, 2011

Patients, my dears...patience

As anyone with MG or caring for a loved one with MG knows, Patience is crucial, though quite possibly the most frustrating parts of the illness! Ask me the most difficult aspect on a bad flare up day or worse during a crisis and you might get another answer but most days it is patience.

Patience for test results and with skeptical or downright mean docs in the beginning.

Patience with your body daily.

Patience with your meds to work.

Patience to see if your thymectomy put you in remission..aha, you knew I was going somewhere with this;)

While I am not there yet, I am happy to report that I am healed up quite well with three tiny scars to boot. A little scar tissue pain and neuropathy type pain from time to time but nothing awful. I am still struggling with daily symptoms but I am just trucking along like usual trying to live as normal a life as possible.

I am excited for our local MG Chapter's annual fundraiser..the 5k in May. I will post a link here to donate for all who are interested. As you know if you are reading this blog, it is a very worthy, Jen


  1. You're right, MG requires patience, sometimes more patience we think we could ever be capable of.

    So glad to hear your staring to feel better. Sending prayers and good thoughts your way....

  2. glad you are healing nicely Jen and I hope the thymectomy puts you in remission but as always be patient:)

  3. Thanks Punken! I promise I will...most of the time...when I can control it:)